About us

For over 90 years, dolex designs and manufactures an extremely comprehensive range of bench vices, machine vices, lock grip pliers, out of the must performing components. Located in France, Esthetic is combined with reliability, precision with strength; all these qualities have made dolex a real expert in clamping.

Always looking for developing its wide range clamping tools, dolex won’t stop there! From adjustable bench vices to machine vices, quick pump-clamps and a new range of lock grip pliers , dolex is always looking for using its know how to improve and create new items.

Particular needs….our research and development service stay at your disposal, for any technical project.

Hoping giving you all the best, our technical and commercial team are listening to an evolving market… Let’s progressing all together !

1919 › Foundation of the society DOLMAZON and EXBRAYAT,
mechanical construction company, Manufacture of equipments intended for the mechanics, for the movable, winches and some vices.


Arrival of LAURENT DUMAS, Engineer in Arts and Jobs.

The shrinkage of the name of the creators gives birth to the brand « DOLEX ».

Progressive migration towards an exclusive manufacture of vices (adjustable bench vices, drilling machine vices, clamp)


Dolex becomes the specialist of the vice and leader Frenchman in this sector of handtools.

Arrival of ROBERT DUMAS (elder son) then in 1976 of MARCEL DUMAS (3rd of the family)

First becomes manager of the firm in 1969, second becomes Sales manager.


Dolex becomes leader on the market of the professional vice

Dolex becomes leader on the market of the professional vice, thanks to an absolute workmanship of the product and a real will to keep the independence. The range widens of double guiding vices, clamp vice, machine vices


Redemption of the dolex firm by VINCENT PERRIN

A growth strategy based on the strengthening of a french know-how in the world of the tightening. A politics accomplished simultaneously inside with an optimisation of manufacture process

In MAY : Redemption of the Business Tools of the historical rival of Dolex (Sambre and Meuse (59) which abandoned its activity tools at hands to the advantage of big rooms of foundry (walked French national railway company)

Dolex recovers therefore mark Sambre and Meuse Tools having a very good notability in the tools‘ field.


Purchase and transfer of the company « Outillage ROUX », (based in France: north east side), manufacturer of the famous french locking grip pliers

This operation of development registers in the strategy of dolex company: perpetuating a French know-how and remaining consistent with the heart of job: the tightening



This year Dolex gets his 90 YEARS of existing !!


New charter and new logo….a modern and actual line

Enrichment of the range locking grip pliers with between others a model deposited on the pliers-vise MADE IN France ref. BXL 276

End of 2012

Resumption of the society BESSEY-SER and SOFRA SER

Resumption of the society BESSEY-SER and SOFRA SER (based in Strasbourg), respectively producer of tool of tightening and society of distribution of these same tools.

Bessey-ser being also importing exclusively in France ,tightening and cutting tools from the German producer BESSEY TOOLS.

Moving that year from Strasbourg, for an integration of manufacture in Saint Chamond, joining Dolex.

Constitution of a clamping department with the 2 brands: Dolex - Bessey ser, offering the widest tightening range of the European market.


Birth of VP industries group

Made up of a tightening tools department ( Dolex – Bessey ser) and of a hardware department (Bourg Industries - Mermier Saint-Etienne - Map industries).